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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Little Free Libraries Come to Columbia Missouri

Some  ideas are so fresh, so elegant, and make so much sense that I just fall in love with them.  Then there are some extra special ones that go even further.  They spread a sense of brotherly love, cooperation, and goodwill.

Netflix is an example of the first.  I have long been a fan of Netflix starting way back when they were in the business of just shipping you a DVD through the mail.  I was glad to finally escape the awful store front débâcle that was the retail DVD movie rental business.   An example of the second kind is the little free library movement.

Yesterday I was out walking when I passed a gentleman who I often see out walking with his dog.  We exchanged greetings and I noticed he was carrying books.  I was curious as to what kind of books somebody would be carrying while they walked and asked him.  He told me, and then explained he was going to the "little library" which was less than a hundred yards up the road on Green Meadows Court,  just across the street from the Green Meadows Court and Greenbriar Drive intersection.

According to the little free library map there are six other locations ran by local volunteer participants who have registered.  There may be others that are not listed. The fabulous web site that started it all is located online at http://littlefreelibrary.org/.  The movement has spread throughout the United States and even overseas.  You can listen to a short news report about it, less three minutes,  thanks to Vermont public radio.

My own neighbourhood library is about a quarter of a mile away from my front door.   Today I dropped off two books and picked up one. 

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