] Around Columbia: January 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blackwater Missouri Part I: The Pie Lady

The Picket Fence

Imogene Mersey is 90 years old and will be 91 this March.  She is the owner, and proprietor, of The Picket Fence which is "home of the pie lady."

Imogene Mersey (the pie lady)
 Mrs. Mersey is indeed the pie lady and she offered up a menu of chili, sandwiches, cookies, and more importantly five different kinds of pie the day we were there.
Chocolate Pie
My mom tells me that the hardest part to get right with a pie is the crust and that Mrs. Mersey has mastered the art.  Her crust was perfect.

We traveled to Blackwater as a day trip with all of our family and my parents.  Everyone had something to eat and enjoyed the atmosphere including visiting with the folks that came in for some pie.  The pie is the best seller.

Before the pie: my parents having some chili.


Where's the pie?
I suspect that Mrs. Mersey makes most of her money on pies but that her passion is quilting.  She is a master quilter and her work is beautiful.
     Blackwater is located approximately 40 miles West of Columbia on Interstate 70.  It is about three miles from the interstate and appears to be about three miles outside of Arrowrock which is another local attraction I will be covering in some detail on these pages.   To check on hours or to order pies for a special event you can call Imogene Mersey at (660) 846-2263.

     This was a wonderful trip.  My kids had a great time - we all had a great time. I will be sharing more things to do in Blackwater with my next post.