] Around Columbia: May 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Greenbriar Extension Completed

My last post was about the construction of the Greenbriar extension which I found out about by accident when work had just started in 2012.  For that last post you have a visual tour that runs roughly from north to south.  This tour runs from south to north, in the opposite direction, on the completed extension.
The Katy Trail itself runs a little over 264 miles across Missouri from Clinton in the west to Machens Missouri in the East.  Columbia's own MKT trail connects to the Katy trail, and the MU Recreation Trail connects to that. The Greenbriar extension connects the south west section of Columbia to the MU Recreation trail.  More specifically, it connects to the  Hinkson Creek Trail section of the MU Recreation Trail.  Sounds confusing?  It is.  The trail system is complex until you get to know it.

The extension starts on the south side at the corner of Greenbriar Drive and Green Meadows Circle. Not Green Meadows Street, the longer street everyone is familiar with that runs east and west past the Beth Shalom synagogue, but is a little semi-circular street behind the better known thoroughfare.  You take Greenbriar Drive heading north, to get to the Greenbriar extension. The pictures for the following tour were taken on a bicycle ride about an hour ago.  I am on this section of the trail you are looking at (walking, running or bicycling) at least three times a week.  Even during the winter when it is ice and snow covered.  The Greenbriar extension is centrally located so  you can access both sides of Columbia, and the down town/Mizzou campus area, with relative ease.

This is where the extension starts on Green Meadows Court about one mile from my house.

 It is pretty much down hill all the way until you get to the extension that opens up between two house just before Greenbriar ends at a cul de sac.You make a right onto the extension.

Now it gets a little steep, but the trail is beutifully done.   Watch out for the blind corners - you really can't see anyone coming up on you from any direction on this first switchback!

This is the view looking down from where I took the first photograph.

Here is pretty much the same view from a different angle.

I have just ridden past the bridge, seen in the last two pictures.

Here is another switchback that was just hidden from view in the last picture. Still riding down the hill. The visibility on this switchback is not a problem.

Onto the level area.  This particular part of the trail is always lush and green.

There is some whimsical bicycle art along this stretch.  I will show you one, and leave it up to you to spot t he rest of them. Make sure to look up, to the left, and to the right.

The whole extension is a bit more than a quarter mile.  Here it ends at the Mizzou trail which connects to the Katy Trail further down the road. The MIzzou tennis courts are just out of sight in this view, partially obscured by the trees in the right hand corner of the picture,  but about another two hundred yards north.

This sign is visible from the last picture but now I am at the end of the extension ready to ride back up. So, I am heading back from where I came from in the other direction. I wanted to show you the sign because it has the directions, and distances.

As I said in my last post, the trail system in Columbia keeps getting better and better.

It seems that Google Maps now provides most of the trail details.  You can follow Greenbriar on the map until you get to the extension, and then follow the extension to the rest of the trails.

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