] Around Columbia: January 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Stephens College Basketball and Columbia Access Television

Last night I worked at the womens basketball game between our local Stephens College and Park College for Columbia Access Television or  CAT.   It was me and at least five other people.  Unfortunately the hometown favorites lost 58 - 67 but it was a closer game than the final score indicates.  It was also a lot of fun too. Womens sports are woefully unattended, more about that in another post, but I recommend that families and fans seriously consider showing their support by attending women's basketball at our local colleges including Columbia College as well as Stephens.  Especially if you are like me and have young daughters.  

I want to share some pictures from that event but first a picture of my international blogging headquarters, sort of the centerpiece, of the Mike Perkins media empire.  Here is my view even as I write these words:

How about those dual screens!  Now, back to work and a picture story of my night with CAT and Stephens College basketball.

All the pictures are in chronological order showing us setting up and finally with everything in place waiting for the game to start. 

This is my van loaded down with all the gear we are hauling from CAT to the location which was just across the street. 

Outside the Stephens basketball arena.

Camera 1.  This is where I ended up spending the evening.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Columbia Access Television and The Paperclips

The Paperclips is a band but more about them later. First I want to talk about Columbia Access Television or CAT for short.

CAT is a place where you cannot only support real homegrown community television but participate in running the camera, directing, or even producing in a real studio with professional equipment.  Membership is a pittance at $35 a year and classes are hands on and equally affordable.  There are also lots of volunteer opportunities.

I was at the studio this weekend during a shoot with an excellent band from Kansas City called the Paperclips.  The band was in town for a performance that evening and spent the afternoon at CAT doing a live show.  The whole experience was outstanding.  So, without further ado here are the pictures of the band, a short video clip (which does NOT do them justice) that were all taken during the actual production itself.  Sort of the "making of ..." genre.

The calm before the storm.

The band starting to play.

Now some images with the camera people working.

The session is over and the band moves over for the interview. 

The interview.

Here is a video for you of the band compliments of YouTube:

standalone player

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland: Snow Storm Hits Columbia

I decided to document the snow storm and take some pictures of what it was like today starting first thing in the morning looking out my windows.

Here is the view outside from my home office window.

Looking out from the dinning room.

View from one of the windows in the living room.  Note the desolate bird feeders and the trash waiting to get picked up.  They canceled trash pickup for Friday in anticipation of the cold weather.  

So far it was not actually that cold - yet. That would change in a few hours.

Lior and I had just left WalMart and the temperature dropped at least five degrees while we were inside.  This is what it looked like at Lowes.

This is Shepherd Elementary before they cleared the drive.

Later on I went to Columbia College to get ready for classes next week.

This picture is at the Stephens College campus on my way to the Columbia College Campus.

Here are pictures going onto the campus:

These are heading back out to my trusty van.

The two girls are enjoying their two days off and the roads have not been that bad after the initial treacherous conditions we had when the storm first hit. My only complaint?  Why couldn't that have waited until next week when we ALL could have benefited from the heavy snow?  I was already off.