] Around Columbia: August 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Providence South Bikeway

The south Providence bikeway, funded by the Federal Highway Administration Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program, is near completion. It is a project of Getabout Columbia which advocates alternative modes of transportation with an emphasis on walking and/or biking.

The walkway runs parallel to the west side of South Providence. When completed it will be a beautiful addition to the city, and I am lucky in that I live less than a hundred yards from it - without having to cross a busy South Providence street.

Here is a picture I took  when the project first started, and I was still unsure what it was going to be.  This was even before the signs were put up:

But then things started to take shape.  Keep in mind that construction and landscaping has been on again, and off again, for over a year now.  


 Here are some pictures of the project as construction continued:

Now it seems that all that remains is landscaping and fixing the drainage.  I think this is going to be a popular feature here in the neighborhood.  I just wished it stretched all the way to the Mizzou campus, and downtown.