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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Crossroads

Occasionally I focus on eateries located at the periphery of Columbia.  This one is noteworthy because it is close to Amish country near Sturgeon, Missouri.  If you want a day trip, a trip to the Amish community, and a meal at the Crossroads would be ideal.  Just keep in mind that the Amish close everything on Sunday.

Take 63 North heading out of Columbia to get there.  The Crossroads is located less than fifteen minutes north of Columbia at the  junction of 63 and state road 22.  My  parents love this place which is an example of good local home cooking Missouri style.  They are especially fond of the homemade pies.  I heard rumors that the place has changed hands recently but I have no idea if the menu has changed much, but I do know the pies are still available.  My father told me that the Crossroads was fixing around 75 of them for Thanksgiving.  Many of those pies were preordered, to be picked up for the Thanksgiving holiday and eaten at home.  These pictures are from this summer.

This is the intersection that has historically been called "the junction."  Across the street, just north and closer to the highway, used to be a truck stop which went through several iterations. 

The address is:  760 Highway 22, Sturgeon, MO 6528.  Let me know if the food is still good.  Running a restaurant is a tough thing to sustain at a quality level for a long period of time.   For various reasons owners, and quality, can come and go.  But, keep in mind that there are some places like this one where the locals do eat, and the food is good.

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